Tino’s Rainy Day


It’s me, Valentino.
It’s a very wet and dark day where I am. I cannot go out and play. I love to play outside. There is grass outside. I like to roll in the grass. Over and over and over.
There is dirt outside, too. I like to dig in the dirt. I have big white paws. They get very dirty. Then everywhere I go, I get things dirty.
That is a lot of fun. I do not know why Cece and Joe do not let me play in the rain. I sit at the window and look out. I am very bored! Sometimes I make little sounds to say, “I am bored!”
Cece knows I am bored. She said, “Let’s take a picture. Let’s take a picture for the girls at Santa Julia.” So Cece and I sat down to send you a letter and a picture.
Here is the picture. As you see, I am a very beautiful dog! Don’t you think so?

Tino and friend

Tino admires himself on screen

. Now I am not bored. I am happy because I wrote you a letter. Well, I did not write the letter. But I sent my lovely picture of my lovely face! If I were there, I would lick everyone’s face, too.
With all my love to the girls of Santa Julia, Valentino

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