Signs of Redemption on LOST (3/9/10)

Signs of redemption on LOST this week…

I admit it.  I’m a LOST fan.  After a year of holding myself aloof, I finally succumbed, and now I’m thoroughly engrossed as we gallop toward the finale.

The moment that grabbed me last night was one simple line, spoken to Ben near the end:  “I’ll have you”. A line almost thrown away, that summed up what every human in the world wants to hear.

I’ll have you.  That moment of being seen, in all your shabby, tattered, despicable, abysmal failure and despair… and accepted anyway.  It’s as good as when you were a kid, waiting to be chosen in volleyball, every other misfit and geek taken ahead of you.  Then, finally, as you’re wishing you could sink into the floorboards of the gym, someone says, finally, I’ll have you.

Last week the kicker moment was that look of Sayid’s, calm, tranquil, oddly peaceful, as he, too, found his “side”.  The need to belong is strong in all humans, and that basic need plays out everyday.  Unfortunately in this world, too often, the most definable, clear “side”, the one with a hint of glamour, drama, blood-stirring possibility, decisive black and white answers, is the downward side.  That’s the side that says:  Join us! No ambiguity here, by golly, no questions!  You can tear things down!  You can fight against something!

Things that can be fought against tend to be clear.  The field of things that can be expanded, built up, nurtured, developed – these areas are fuzzy precisely because they are boundless.

But isn’t that the ultimate thrill?  Not the certain endgame of doom, but the limitless possibilities of positive expansion?

We all teeter on that knife-edge all the time.  The tension is always there.  Will we fall over on the side of positive, or negative?  Slip just a little either direction, or fall so far that even getting back to the edge seems beyond our reach?

As the characters fall off, to one side or another, during the final days of LOST, the questions – and answers – the writers pose really cut to the heart of life itself,  the biggest unsolved mystery of all.  And, as Art imitates Life, we stay tuned for the next episode.

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