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More, and in More Directions

March 3, 2013



I was born under the sign of the crab, astrologically speaking.  The best description of us crabs I ever read said that anyone observing us would see that we are constantly sidling sideways, to all appearances aimless and with no particular end in sight – and yet, sooner or later we end up where we knew we were headed all along.


After a concerted blogging effort for a couple of years, I sidled off, first into poetry and then into a novel and then into another novel that became some strange literary mutation that has kept me engaged for the past year.


Along the way I finally decided to get my on-line act together, so that you can now find me – should you care to – at my main oh, so cleverly named website:


From there, you can listen to music, watch videos and check out that mutant literary effort which has taken up residence at its own website:   I’ll be blogging about that creative process soon.


As for this site, look for weekly comments on the state of the culture.  Thanks for finding me here.